Some of the most devastating things to impact our cities happen in the form of natural disasters. We are proud to be involved with the City of Refuge Chaplaincy program to help bring solutions to citywide trauma. If you have a passion for your city we can help teach and train you to become a chaplain in your community.

Ministering Spiritual Gifts

The introductory class, Ministering Spiritual Gifts, is an explosive beginning to higher levels and a deeper flow of the prophetic. Get hands on training and sound biblical principles for hearing the voice of God and ministering prophetically. Learn the importance of God restoring truth to the Church that was neglected or lost during the Dark Ages of Church History. Participate in activations that allow you to be a demonstration of Christ by releasing His voice.

Ministering Spiritual Gifts By Faith​

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts By Faith you will learn to seek the Lord for impartation, activation, and demonstration. Be trained and activated to a  greater flow in prophecy, word of knowledge and word of wisdom. Gain a greater understanding of prophetic principles that will infuse you with faith to believe that you can prophesy. Learn principles designed to give practical advice for both releasing and receiving prophetic ministry

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Breakthrough​

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts Breakthrough you will minister and participate in activations that will give you an even greater opportunity to minister spiritual gifts in a safe environment. You will learn to seek the Lord for impartation, activation and demonstration. Be further trained, and activated while gaining a deeper understanding of prophetic principles. These principles give practical advice and answer common questions for those releasing prophetic ministry. Also learn prophetic pitfalls which describes snares that can hinder.

Ministering Spiritual Gifts Advanced​

In Ministering Spiritual Gifts Advanced you will learn how to team with the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and Jehovah God as they are the best example of team. Then with manifest presence you will step into a demonstration of Jesus Christ the prophet. Experience an even greater level through an advanced training that equips you to tap into a deeper, more mature, more accurate flow of prophetic ministry. Be activated to minister the heart of God in present-truth. Gain truth that is helpful in giving instruction and answering difficult questions that might arise while you are prophesying. Learn prophetic pitfalls to avoid, which can hinder ministers. Participate in advanced activations, which will stretch you to minister spiritual gifts at a new level in a safe environment.

Lewis Ministries  International is actively raising up Schools of the Prophets, nationally and internationally. Eph 4:11 To Train, Equip, and Release the Saints to do the work of the Ministry.


Personal prophetic consultations to leaders/servants/workers in the marketplace!


Personal prophetic consultations to leaders/servants/workers in the church!


Personal prophetic consultations to leaders/servants/workers in government!